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Surprising ways to valet your car

By Money Matters Team 16/03/2016

Clever car-cleaning solutions from the web's biggest petrol heads and life hackers.

Your car is probably the most expensive thing you own (after your house), so how do you keep it looking great without spending a fortune on professional valeting? We scoured the web to find some extraordinary ways using some very ordinary household items

Smell buster

An open bag of charcoal left in the car overnight removes nasty niffs. Want the science bit? Well, apparently the charcoal absorbs moisture and any associated smells. Thanks,

Quick brush-up

It might not be the most macho car-cleaning tip we've ever heard, but an old, clean make-up brush is perfect for clearing dust out of the air vents, according to the guys at

Fizz factor

Windscreen looking like a flies' graveyard? Fear not. says that cola will clean bugs off glass (make sure to place a towel at the bottom of the screen to stop any cola getting on the car's paintwork, and rinse well).

Shine on

Want super-shiny headlights? recommends squeezing toothpaste on to an old pair of tights and scrubbing away. So that's two household items being put to good use then!

Butter nutter

The clever clogs at reckon that smooth peanut butter will remove sticky residue from windows, because the oil in the butter unsticks the glue. Wonder how they found that out? Perhaps they dropped their sandwich one day...

Spray away

That old standby WD-40 isn't just for squeaky doors, you know — says it's perfect for getting bird poo off your car too. Just spray on, leave for a bit then rinse off.

Top tip

Washing your car on a sunny Sunday may well be a British institution, but it's better to do it in the cool of the evening. Hot days and direct sunlight dry the car too quickly, leaving paintwork covered in smears. So now you know!

For more tips on looking after your car, check out our blog on car maintenance basics.

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