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expanded Student contents cover

Most students don’t have money to burn, so they scrimp and save where they can. But going without home contents insurance could be a false economy. It could end up costing you more in the long run to replace possessions lost in a burglary, house fire or through vandalism.

This is why we offer cover for student home contents as part of our regular home insurance cover.

Students are covered under your policy!

If you’re a parent with a son or daughter studying away from home, you can take out a Sainsbury’s home contents insurance policy for your own home and you’ll receive the added bonus of covering possessions left in your child's university lodgings.

Offered as standard

In addition, ‘student contents at university' cover is not an optional extra – it just comes as standard (limits apply: up to £5,000 on Sainsbury's Home Insurance, and up to £10,000 on Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance). So you don’t need to pay more money for it, there’s no additional organisation required and no extra fuss. What could be more convenient?

Learn more about Sainsbury's home insurance policies.

What's covered

Your Sainsbury's home insurance policy can cover loss or damage to contents that your child takes to university/college and are left in university lodgings to the value of:

Sainsbury's Home Insurance - maximum £5,000
Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance - maximum £10,000

Sainsbury’s Premier Cover includes accidental damage. This is available as an optional extra with standard cover.

Contents to consider:

  • Laptop/tablet device
  • Camera equipment
  • Games consoles
  • Hair straighteners
  • MP3 players

The value of these items can really add up, and being left without a laptop which is crucial for studying could be more than just an inconvenience.

Things to bear in mind

  • Make sure the student residence is secure, and belongings are kept in a safe and hidden place when it's empty.
  • If laptops, MP3 players etc are regularly used outside the home (e.g. lectures, the library) having Personal Possessions cover in place could also be a life saver. This provides cover for loss, damage or theft for items taken outside the home, and is included as part of our Premier Cover (or as an additional extra on the standard policy).

Please see our policy booklets for more information on what is covered, and any exclusions that may apply.


To view our current policy documents please click on the links below. Please refer to your own policy documentation for details of your cover.

Offer terms and conditions

*Up to 35% combined loyalty and web discount available direct online. Introductory discount. Minimum premiums apply. You'll receive a discounted rate based on information related to transactions you've made in Sainsbury's supermarkets using your Nectar card. At least 22% of Nectar card holders who are Sainsbury's shoppers have achieved a combined loyalty and web discount of 35% direct online, between September 2015 and March 2016.

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