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Are you looking for the perfect feline companion? Or maybe you’re already the proud owner of a cat? While we may never know all their secrets, our handy guides are full of information about what makes each breed unique.

Bengal Cats

A mischievous and loving pet

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Maine Coons

These are some of the biggest cats on the block

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Siberian Cats

The long-haired national cat of Russia

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Persian Cats

Sweet-natured and happy to laze around indoor

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Ragdoll Cats

Large and beautiful with a docile and easy-going nature

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British Shorthair Cats

Home-loving, affectionate and very laid back

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Explore more cat breeds


A breed known for having lots of energy, an Abyssinian cat is always on the move.


A beautiful breed that'll spend most of the time following you around the house.


Friendly, energetic, and affectionate, the Bombay cat makes a great companion.


Burmese are active, curious, friendly cats that can sometimes be noisy.

Cornish Rex

A social and active breed that won’t sit still for long.

Devon Rex

Big and bright personality, Devon cats like to be social and kept busy.

Egyptian Mau

Intelligent and full of energy, the Egyptian Mau is a loyal companion.

Exotic Shorthair

An Exotic Shorthair is an easygoing companion that's sweet-tempered and docile.


A sub-breed of the Persian cat, Himalayan’s are sweet-natured and mellow.


With a naturally short tail, Manx cats are easily recognisable, making them a loveable breed.


Also known as a domestic shorthair, this non-pedigree cat is the perfect companion.


A Munchkin is a distinctive-looking breed known for their tiny legs and long spine.

Norwegian Forest

A perfect family companion, this breed has a fluffy coat and sweet personality.


TThese long-haired cats are affectionate and intelligent, making them easy to train.

Russian Blue

Quiet and reserved, Russian Blue cats are loyal and loving to their owners.


A Savannah cat is a beautiful breed that’s tall, lean, and graceful.

Scottish Fold

A Scottish Fold is a loveable breed with a cute little face and a bold personality.


A Siamese is an elegant breed with a striking appearance and outgoing personality.


A new and developing breed loved for their distinctive white feet.


Bred specifically to be hairless, they’re ideally suited as an indoor cat.


An energetic and playful cat that will keep you busy.

Turkish Angora

A mischievous and curious breed that can be rare to find in the UK.

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Cats are hugely independent, but they still need the right care and attention to keep them happy and healthy. Our guides will make sure you’re on the right track.

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