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Credit cards statements are now online

Paperless Statements

Online statements can help reduce clutter. Instead of drawers full of unnecessary paperwork, you can see your statements for the last 12 months, stored securely online – where they’re available 24/7 at the touch of a button. 

Please find below some questions and answers about paperless statements.

How will I know when my statement is ready?

We’ll email you each month your new statement is available online. If we don’t have your email address we’ll send you a text.

Please make sure we have your up-to-date contact details by logging in to online banking, going to ‘My details’, then ‘Personal details’ and checking they’re correct. 

How many statements are stored online?

You'll be able to view up to your last 12 statements.

Can I still receive paper statements?

Yes. If we’ve been in touch to let you know we’re switching your account to paperless statements or you already receive your statements online and would prefer paper statements, just let us know through online banking. Log in and go to the ‘My details’ section and then into ‘Correspondence preferences’. Then make sure your statement delivery preference is set to ‘paper only’ and then press ‘confirm’. Even if your current delivery method is showing as ‘paper only’ you still need to do this.

Can I still pay using the Bank Giro Credit slip?

Unfortunately, the Bank Giro Credit slip on electronic statements can’t be used to make payments – either through your branch or to send with a cheque. If you normally pay using this slip, you’ll need to make your payment another way or opt back in to paper statements.

You can find details of other ways to pay and how to opt back into paper statements in the other sections of the frequently asked questions.

What options do I have for paying my statement each month?

The easiest way to pay your statement is by Direct Debit. You can set one up to pay the minimum payment, statement balance or a fixed amount.

Or you can pay:

  • Straight from your current account using Faster Payment
  • By Debit Card though online banking or the Sainsburys Bank Mobile App

How do I set up direct debit?

  1. Log in to Sainsbury’s Bank online banking.
  2. On the 'My accounts' page click on 'Account details'
  3. Select ‘Set up a Direct Debit' on the right-hand side of the screen.

You’ll be able to set up your Direct Debit for the minimum payment, statement balance or a fixed amount. Until you see your Direct Debit payment date on your statement you should continue to make your credit card payments using another method

How do I make a payment from my current account using Faster Payment?

You can pay your statement using your own bank to transfer the money straight from your current account either online, over the phone or by popping into your branch. Make sure you have:

  • Our sort code - 12-60-11
  • Our account number - 00080028

And remember to use the 16-digit account number on your Sainsbury’s Bank Credit Card as your reference.

How do I make a payment using my debit card?

Start by logging into online banking. Then on the ‘My account’ page click on ‘Make a payment’. You’ll need to enter your debit card details – remember we only accept Debit Mastercard and VISA Debit. Next you’ll be asked to select the amount you’d like to pay. You can choose either ‘Minimum payment’, ‘Statement balance’, ‘Total balance’ or ‘Other amount’. Select one of these options and click ‘continue’. Your own bank may ask for additional security and payments can take up to four days to process. You can also make a payment using your debit card via the Sainsburys Bank Mobile App.

What else can I do through online banking?

Sainsburys Bank Online Banking:

  • View your transactions & check your available balance
  • Set-up or change a Direct Debit
  • Make a payment
  • Request a Balance Transfer
  • Request an additional cardholder
  • Request a change to your credit limit
  • Request a PIN reminder
  • Order a replacement card
  • Send us a secure message

Sainsburys Bank Mobile App:

  • View your transactions & check your available balance
  • See pending transactions
  • View, change or cancel a Direct Debit
  • Make a payment
  • Check your credit limit
  • Add card to Google Pay TM wallet