High value home insurance

If you have a high value home or own a lot of expensive items such as jewellery or electronic equipment, look for a home insurance policy that gives you high value cover.

Buildings insurance

Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance gives you unlimited buildings cover offering protection for your home against loss and damage from causes such as fire, storm and flood.

This level of cover also gives you home emergency cover, accidental damage, family legal protection and up to £50,000 for alternative accommodation.

Contents insurance

For those with high value contents, Premier Cover also offers home contents insurance up to £100,000. In addition to everyday household items, this covers valuables (limited to 30% of sum insured) including:

  • works of art
  • expensive jewellery
  • collectible items including stamp, coin and medal collections
  • furs
  • photographic, musical or sports equipment
  • collections of gold, silver or other precious metals

If you’re a parent with a child studying away from home, this policy also gives you student contents cover up to the value of £10,000.

Valuing your contents

A single article limit of £4,000 applies to all valuables covered under Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance, unless you specify the item in your schedule.

If you have a high value item worth more than £4,000 you can specify it when you apply for a quote. Items specified online should not exceed a combined total of £20,000. Should you require a higher level of cover please contact us to discuss.

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