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Home Insurance Customer Support

Home Insurance Customer Support

Underwritten by U K Insurance Limited

Frequently asked questions

Home insurance customer support - limited service

We're making some scheduled improvements to our home insurance claims systems and as a result our customer service team will only be able to help with urgent queries currently.

You'll still be able to make an urgent claim, but for non-urgent queries please call us after the weekend.

We're sorry for any inconvenience.

What helplines are available?

  • To make a claim: 0800 206 1965. We're open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and 9am-5pm Saturdays.
  • 24 hour home emergency helpline: 0800 206 1966
  • 24 hour legal helpline: 0800 206 1968

Calls free from landlines and mobiles. Calls may be monitored and recorded.

Who underwrites Sainsbury's Home Insurance?

Sainsbury’s Home Insurance is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited. Registered office: The Wharf, Neville Street, Leeds LS1 4AZ. Registered in England No.1179980. U K Insurance Limited is authorised by the Prudential Regulation Authority and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority and the Prudential Regulation Authority.

Do you offer home insurance cover in Northern Ireland?

Yes, our Home Insurance and Premier Cover Home Insurance are both available in Northern Ireland.

What's classed as 'buildings'?

Buildings means the structure of your property, fixtures and fittings, patios, terraces, footpaths, swimming pools, tennis courts, drives, walls, roofs, fences, hedges and gates.

What's classed as 'contents'?

Contents means items you would probably take with you if you move home, including curtains, furniture, digitally downloaded content, electrical appliances, valuables, clothing and personal effects.

How much buildings cover do I need?

Your buildings sum insured should represent the cost of rebuilding your home and any outbuildings. Sainsbury's Home Insurance automatically provides buildings cover up to £1,000,000. Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance provides unlimited buildings cover.

How much contents cover do I need?

Your contents sum insured must represent the total current replacement cost of all contents in your home. Sainsbury's Home Insurance provides contents cover up to £50,000. Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance. You can increase the amount of contents cover online and on the phone, If you need more than £100,000 cover, call us on 0800 206 1965 to get a quote.

Can I insure my home if it is used for business?

We'll cover for your home and its contents if the business use is confined to routine paperwork, telephone calls, computer work and child-minding. We provide up to £5,000 cover for business equipment under a Sainsbury's Home Insurance policy and up to £10,000 under a Sainsbury's Premier Cover policy.

I'm a landlord - will you provide cover?

Sorry, we don't offer specialist Landlord Insurance.

Are my possessions covered away from my home?

If you added Personal Possessions to your policy they're covered against theft, loss or accidental damage outside your home in Britain and for up to 60 days abroad in any policy year. Just choose the level of cover you need (minimum £2,500). Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance automatically covers your personal belongings in Britain and abroad up to £5,000.

Is cover for pedal cycles provided under my policy?

Yes, your contents insurance covers your bicycle whilst it's in the home. Bicycle cover is included under Personal Possessions cover as follows:

  • Sainsbury’s Home Insurance - bicycles up to £500 are covered. Bicycles worth more than £500 need to be specified separately.
  • Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance - Bicycles up to £1,000 are covered by the Personal Possessions cover which is automatically included. Bicycles worth more than £1,000 need to be specified separately.

Call us on 0800 206 1965 if you want a quote for bicycle cover.

What extra cover does Accidental Damage give me?

It covers accidental damage caused by you, or your family, to your buildings or contents, It comes as standard with Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance. You can add it to Sainsbury's Home Insurance for an extra premium.

Can I cover student belongings?

Contents taken out of your home temporarily by your children who are in full-time education in the British Isles are covered against fire, theft or flooding as standard. Cover is provided up to £5,000 under Sainsbury's Home Insurance and up to £10,000 on Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance.

Can I insure a second home?

Yes, if we already insure your main home we can offer you Sainsbury's Home Insurance for a second home. Call us on 0800 206 1965. Some differences in cover may apply depending on the use of the second home. 

What is classed as a valuable?

Valuables means jewellery, watches, furs, items or sets or collections of gold, silver or other precious metals, works of art, sets of stamps or coins or medals. They’re automatically covered for up to £2,000 each under Sainsbury’s Home Insurance or up to £4,000 each with Sainsbury’s Premier Cover Home Insurance, There’s an overall valuables limit of 30% of your contents sum insured. If you've individual items worth more than these limits, you need to specify them separately. If they’re worth less than £5,000 you can specify them online, otherwise call us on 0800 206 1965 for a quote.

Is anything in my garden covered?

Your contents insurance covers plants in your garden, theft from outbuildings and contents in the open. See your policy schedule for limits that apply.

Do you charge any fees in connection with my policy?

Any fees and excesses that apply to your policy will be shown on your schedule.

How can I pay for my home insurance?

You can pay by credit or debit card or by monthly or annual Direct Debit. If you pay annually we'll collect your first premium  on the date you purchase the policy, not the cover start date.

What helplines are available?

  • To make a claim: 0800 206 1965. We're open Monday to Friday 8am-9pm and 9am-5pm Saturdays.
  • 24 hour home emergency helpline: 0800 206 1966
  • 24 hour legal helpline: 0800 206 1968

Why do I need to give you my Nectar card number?

Many of our promotional offers are exclusive to Nectar card holders and we need your number to check that you qualify for them. The Nectar card number you give use must be in the policyholder's name. If you don’t have a Nectar card you can pick one up in store or online at

When will I get my points?

You'll usually get your Nectar points on the 10th of the month following the month they were earned.  If you don't receive your Nectar point let us know on 0800 206 1965.

How do I amend my home insurance policy?

Just call us on 0800 206 1965.

What happens if I move house?

Call us on 0800 206 1965 to arrange cover for your new home.

What happens if I make a change to my house?

If you renovate or extend your house you need to make sure that you still have enough cover. Call us on 0800 206 1965 to discuss your cover level before you start work on your property.

How do I renew my home insurance policy?

We'll send you a renewal notice 3 to 4 weeks before your renewal date. This will contain information about your premium and your cover.

  • Automatic renewal:
    Check that the information on the renewal notice is still accurate. You don't need to contact us unless you need to make an amendment to your cover.
  • Manual Renewal:
    If your policy isn't on automatic renewal this will be indicated on your renewal letter. To renew your policy you need to call us before your renewal date.

How do I cancel my home insurance policy?

Call 0800 206 1965.

  • If you cancel before your policy is due to start we will return any premium you have paid in full.
  • If you cancel within 14 days of the day it is due to start or of the day on which you receive your documents (whichever is later) we'll return any premium you've paid less an administration fee, provided you've not made a claim during that time. Please refer to your policy schedule for details.
  • If you cancel your policy after that 14 day period we'll return any unused premium less an administration fee, provided you've not made a claim during the current period of insurance. Please refer to your policy schedule for details.

What happens if my home is uninhabitable during the period of repair?

We'll provide alternative accommodation for you over this period. Your levels of cover depends on the policy you choose:

  • Sainsbury's Home Insurance - up to £25,000 under buildings and up to £15,000 under contents.
  • Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance - up to £50,000 under buildings and up to £30,000 under contents.

Are repairs guaranteed?

Repairs carried out by our approved repairer network are guaranteed for 12 months.

Can I buy Home Emergency cover without home insurance?

No, it's only available along with a Sainsbury's Home Insurance policy. Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance includes Home Emergency cover as standard.

Can I add Home Emergency cover to my policy at any time?

Yes, just call us on 0800 206 1965 to add it to a Sainsbury's Home Insurance policy. It's included as standard with a Sainsbury's Premier Cover Home Insurance.