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5 great ways to refresh your home on a budget

By Money Matters Team 25/10/2013

Where to look for interior bargains

Sale prices on all sorts of desirable elements for your interiors can be found year-round if you hunt around in the right places.


kitchen units

Can you build a kitchen yourself? If so, you could save by shopping with Yorkshire-based DIY Kitchens or similar outfit DIY Kitchen Cabinets where a standard-sized layout could cost less than high street prices.


washing machine with washing inside

Appliances Online has more than 4,000 products in stock by many of the brands that you can find in shops. Or why not try Appliances Direct, which offers expert advice and a speedy turnaround time. You can also pop along to see the products at its East Midlands and Huddersfield showrooms.


white, marble bathroom

Try Better Bathrooms for simply designed, on-trend bathware. It has showrooms in the North West of England if you want an up-close look. Meanwhile, FEET International sells designer bathware. You can see its wares at the showroom in south-east London.

Living Room

white sofa ina living room

For living room furniture, check out Trade Secret, which offers cancelled orders from large department stores (you have to sign up, for free, to this site). Or, which sells stylish furniture at below-high-street prices.

Free stuff

couple lifting a sofa

Lastly, keep an eye on Freecycle, a network where people give and get stuff locally for free. There are some real gems to be had, but you need to watch the ‘offers’ section and act fast when you spot something you want. Alternatively, take a look at your local Gumtree site, where you could find some great giveaways within driving distance.

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